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Catgeory Mania Thumball

SKU #TB-105d


Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Author: Mary Miller Pembleton

After catching the Category Mania Thumball™, the student looks at the category label listed underneath their thumb and names items belonging to the category. This Thumball™ is soft and 4″ for easy catching. It promotes word-finding skills, improves creative thinking, organizes vocabulary, and develops short-term memory strategies. There are 32 (thirty-two) categories to stimulate word activities for every age.

Increase motivation, encourage cooperation and help students with their categorization skills. Educational and entertaining, these soccer-style balls are soft, safe and easy to toss and catch.

Includes: 1 yellow/blue 4″ ball with 32 panels

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 1 in


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