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Bringing S & Z Home

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Author: Jo Ann Gordon

Are you tired of making progress with frontal and lateral lisp disorders (/s/ and /z/ sounds) only to see gains evaporate over school breaks?

Bringing S & Z Home is perfect for providing in class exercises, but is especially appropriate for school breaks and homework. Includes exercises on:

  • /t/ and /ts/
  • Initial, medial and final /s/
  • Initial and final /s/ blends (such as /sl/, /sn/, /sks/, and /sps/ combinations)
  • /s/ carryover
  • Initial, medial and final /z/
  • /z/ carryover

Also included are three different progress charts, a letter to the parents, and a section of at-home activities with bonus worksheets. Save time with over 175 pages of exercises, worksheets and homework activities. The activities are categorized for both younger and older children.

Includes: 175+ pages

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