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Becoming Verbal with Childhood Apraxia

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Ages: 1 and up

Grades: PreK and up

Author: Pam Marshalla

This book helps therapists and parents learn how to help children become more:

  • Vocal
  • Verbal
  • Communicative
  • Imitative
  • Interactive

This resource is based on the original writing of Jean Piaget and Pam Marshalla’s three decades of clinical work with children. It contains profound yet practical tools for helping children learn to talk. Teach your child to speak up, speak out, play with sounds and words, and become much more expressive.

Appropriate for children one year of age and above. If you are looking for a place to begin reading about how to help young children with severe expressive speech delays or disorders, this is it.


  • The Integral Relationship of Apraxia and Imitation
  • The Entertaining Variety of Sound
  • The Power of Crowd Noise
  • Creating One Voice for Imitation Development
  • Laughing Encourages Turn Taking
  • Learning to Take Turns in Dialogue
  • Mutual Imitation: The Most Important Stage
  • Imitating the Repertoire
  • New Sounds and Words in the Final Stage

Includes: 112 pages

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