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Articulate **Damaged/Dented Discount** Web Only



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Ages: 12 and up

Grades: 6th and up

This is a discounted/damaged item. Damaged items may have dents, scratches, or tears on their boxes/containers, but the contents of the product are undamaged. Save money with an uglier but perfect product!

TOMY Articulate; A fun guessing game for your next game night or holiday gathering. Players will try to describe as many card entries as possible to their team mates in 30 seconds. Describing a word without actually saying it sounds easy, but there are no rhyming words allowed. Great for family game night, this hilarious board game is also the perfect ice breaker for your next party. Articulate! Isn’t just a race against time, It’s also a race around the board! With multiple categories and special turns that involve everyone playing instead of just one team. The first team around the board wins, but everyone will be left laughing and eager for the next round. It’s loud, intense and brilliantly funny.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in


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