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Artic Attack and Other S and Z Games

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Ages: 5 and up

Grades: K and up

Author: Kimberly S. Lewis

This workbook provides motivating activities to address those frontal and lateral lisps. It targets /s/ and /z/ in each word position (I/M/F) in separate sections. It also includes separate sections for each of the /s/-clusters in the initial (/st/, /sp/, /sm/, /sn/, /sl/, /sk/, /sw/) and final (/ts/, /fs/, /ps/, /sps/, /ks/, /sk/, /st/, /sts/) word positions. Each section includes these simple, yet motivation paper and pencil games:

  • Two versions of Tic-Tac-Toe (for readers and non-readers)
  • Stop-Gate
  • Sink-a-Ship
  • Triangles

Perfect for quick therapy sessions or to send home for homework.

Includes: 192 reproducible pages

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