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Why SLP's love it...

I don't usually e-mail a vender about their products but I could not let this opportunity go by without letting you know how valuable a resource I find your "s" double dice game. It's not only very appealing to my students as a speech activity but the fact that it only focuses on the sound position your working on whether at the word, phrase or sentence level is extremely helpful as a therapeutic tool.

Arlene T., Speech Pathologist, MA, CCC

"Hi there! Just thought I"d drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your Dot language and Dot Articulation materials. I don"t always use the bingo daubers with the materials, but more often use the "magic circles" and "magic wand" from Super Duper (the yellow wand with magnetic chips). That way, the worksheet can be used more than once, and the kids love picking up the magnets when they"re done. The fit is perfect! When I send the materials home for homework, I suggest to parents that the student put a small food item such as a piece of cereal, raisin, a chocolate chip, etc. in the circle each time the student makes a correct response. Then when the worksheet is finished, he/she can have a snack!"

Janine B., Nova Scotia, Canada

"I absolutely LOVE all of the Dot workbooks, and so do my students. They are so handy for SLPs, and so fun for the kids."

Kelly A., Ohio

"...my son really loves doing the worksheets which is a big deal since nothing motivates him."

Tracy B., New Jersey

"Got the books...Mason and I already did a lesson today. We tackled /k/ because that is what he's working on in speech class...I didn't want to overwhelm him, so I said 'Let's just do one page.' After the first page he said, 'dad can we do one more'...then he wanted to do a 3rd page...I had to make him stop or he would have kept going! Thank you for such a great product."

Chris S., motivated parent

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