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Spot On! What Am I Describing

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Speech Therapy
Ages: 5 and up
Grades: K and up

As students solve each mystery of what is being described, they will sharpen their comprehension, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Each of the 50 different cards begins with a "What am I describing?" question and three clues that are vital to answering the question. Touch the Spot On! pen to the correct corresponding answer dot on the card, and you are instantly rewarded with a green light and a positive phrase. Touch the pen to an incorrect answer dot, and the pen’s red light will shine and sound effects will provide encouraging, corrective feedback. All answers are photographs (so this is perfect for those children that do not read yet)! The Spot On! pen (SC-600) is sold separately.

50 double-sided cards, 50 activities
Cards measure 7" x 3.75" (WxH)
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Item # SC-675
Grade Level Elementary, Middle School
Series Spot On!
Format Card Deck
Topic Language
Age 5 - 8, 8 - 12
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