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Idioms Double Dice Add-On Deck

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Double Dice Add-On Deck
Ages: 8 and up
Grades: 3rd and up
Author: Rachele Ellsworth

Idioms--Double Dice Add-On Deck provides a motivating way for speech-language pathologists to assist their students in learning idiomatic expressions and enhancing their understanding of figurative language. Each card contains an engaging photograph, an idiomatic expression embedded within a sentence or within multiple sentences, and four follow up questions. This means that your students get up to 216 opportunities to demonstrate the meaning of 54 different idioms. The tasks in this deck are designed to help students determine the meaning of the idiom via contextual clues, explain its meaning, and relate the idiom to current or relevant situations.

Here is how it works:

  • 1. The instructor places nine (9) cards face down on the table.
  • 2. A student rolls the double dice and it lands on a shape.
  • 3. The student turns over the card with the corresponding shape.
  • 4. The student reads (or listens as the instructor reads) the questions that corresponds to the number on the inner die and the student answers it.

The students get plenty of practice (216 different questions) and enjoy using this activity time and time again!

This is an Add-On deck so it includes:

  • • Fifty-four (54) total playing cards (cards are large 3" x 5").
  • • Each card contains a photograph and four (4) questions to be answered.
  • • List of idioms and their meanings, direction, and game variation cards.
  • • A storage tin.

The double dice is NOT included in the Add-On decks. It is included in the original Double Dice Decks, or it may be purchased separately (DD-100).

Includes: 54 playing cards, content/direction cards, and storage tin
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