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Whoa! This is amazing!

The BIGGEST workbook sale ever begins August 8th! We have never sold these workbooks for less. Save 40% on 12 Workbooks for 12 days! How do I get this incredible deal???

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1) You must order online (www.SpeechCorner.com) with a credit card (sorry no PO's).
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4) This Big40 sale ends at midnight August 20th. Don't delay!
**no other discounts will apply**

Item Title Price
WB-2010 Dot Articulation 1 $33.95 $20.37
WB-2005 Dot Articulation 2 $33.95 $20.37
WB-2200 Dot Reading Comprehension $33.95 $20.37
WB-2104 Double Dice Articulation Ch/Sh/Th $38.95 $23.37
WB-2400 Dot Phonological Awareness $33.95 $20.37
WB-2310 Vocalic R Reproducible Bingo $33.95 $20.37
WB-3015 Dot Reasoning & Problem Solving $33.95 $20.37
WB-2101 Double Dice Articulation L $38.95 $23.37
WB-2300 Phono Bingo $31.95 $19.17
WB-2015 Dot Vocalic R $33.95 $20.37
WB-2900 Dot Therapy Reinforcers $33.95 $20.37
WB-2102 Double Dice Articulation S $38.95 $23.37
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string(17) "Dot WH? Questions" string(10) "Hiding Hat" string(58) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Minimally Verbal Individuals" string(51) "Social Situations For Teens Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(31) "Plurals Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(48) "Body Language & Gestures Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(66) "Carryover Stories--Later Developing Sounds Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(20) "Dot WH? Questions CD" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes F/V/Z" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes K/G/J" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes T/D/N" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes P/B/M" string(35) "Articulation Rolling Cubes Clusters" string(38) "Clusters R/S/L Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(57) "Perspective Taking Tweens & Teens Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(53) "Perspective Taking Elementary Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(44) "Treasure Trove Vocabulary Mega Bundle Add-On" string(53) "Treasure Trove for Social Language Mega Bundle Add-On" string(37) "Treasure Trove - Auditory Inferencing" string(39) "Problem Solving Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(44) "Following Directions Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(56) "Auditory Memory For WH Questions Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(58) "Auditory Comprehension Non-Fiction Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(32) "Speech Corner Photo Cards Bundle" string(61) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Social Inferences & Subtle Cues" string(55) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Inferences--Short Stories" string(49) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Expressive Language" string(52) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Articulation Carryover" string(67) "Speech Corner Photo Cards For Auditory Comprehension--Short Stories" string(39) "Articulation Rolling Cubes F/K/Clusters" string(35) "Articulation Rolling Cubes Ch/Sh/Th" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes R/S/L" string(32) "Articulation Rolling Cubes Combo" string(62) "Double Dice Deck Articulation Combo - 9 Decks + 1 Double Dice" string(46) "Linking Cause & Effect Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(34) "Predicting Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(34) "Sequencing Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(30) "Idioms Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(41) "Social Inferences Double Dice Add-On Deck" string(51) "Classifying Into Categories Double Dice Add-On Deck"